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Rise of the Lykins

Charting Unseen Paths, Capturing Untold Stories.

About Jason Lykins

Unveiling the Hidden Histories of the South: Welcome to the World of Jason Lykins

Welcome to my digital canvas. I'm Jason Lykins, an explorer, author, and coastal photographer blending my American-Canadian heritage into my art. I capture the hidden histories of The South through vibrant photography and engaging historic fiction. My work goes beyond coastal landscapes, breathing life into abandoned relics and reflecting the Gulf of Mexico's tales. As an author, I weave personal experiences with historical events, creating captivating stories that resonate with North America's shared heritage. Step into my world, where every image and word invites you to explore The South's rich history. Welcome aboard!

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My Books

As an urban explorer, I delve into abandoned places and hidden spaces with a group of adventurous friends. My books capture the essence of these explorations, blending real stories with imaginative twists. Each location I write about is inspired by a genuine adventure, offering readers an authentic glimpse into the world of urban exploration while weaving in thrilling and fictional elements to enhance the experience.

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Available at AppleAmazon & Barnes & Noble. Black Friday November 24th, 2023. 

In this second installment of exploration, join the Krewe of Discovery on an electrifying journey through the heart of New Orleans! History meets adventure in the most unexpected places as they delve into the depths of an abandoned power plant.

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Available at Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble June 2024.

Prepare to embark on a heart-pounding journey through the eerie silence of an abandoned New Orleans skyscraper. Follow the Krewe as they navigate crumbling floors, hidden dangers, and the relentless pursuit of authorities determined to keep them trapped inside. In a city known for its secrets, can they escape the shadows that loom over the skyline, or will they become another forgotten story in the Big Easy? 

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